Case Study: Explore The Westin Seattle in the Metaverse

sponsorship type: digital twin

Reimagining Westin's Six Pillars of Wellness

We are thrilled that The Westin Seattle chose our "Digital Twin" scene sponsorship to extend their reach to their target audience in the Immerse virtual world. Thanks to our new Westin Hotel, Immerse members can now explore this travel destination while connecting over travel and hotel related events.

Additionally, members can sign up for classes in this delightful virtual location in which they practice booking hotels or ordering room service in a foreign language - all while learning about Westin's 6 Pillars of Well-Being.

In phase 2.0, each of these immersive branded experiences will culminate with an invitation for Immerse members to book a travel stay with Westin, Seattle Hotel IRL!

Brand Engagement

Immerse’s community will now be offered an engaging experience of Westin’s brand by exploring each of the many spaces in this Hotel. Weekly meet-ups and classes posted on our schedule will allow our current and future community endless access to this new brand sponsor.

Immerse Members learning together in a digital twin location of the Westin Seattle hotel.
Immerse Members learning together in a digital twin location of the Westin Seattle hotel.

Increased Reach, Risk-Free

This Hotel space will be featured in our product to attract the attention of our entire community. Through this sponsorship, Westin will increase its reach and diversify its marketing efforts - in a risk-free way.

Fostering Well-Being

Westin has been hospitality’s global leader in well-being for more than a decade. By showcasing it’s brand identity, this will be a place in the metaverse where people can meet with friends, see what a high standard of hospitality looks like, and get inspired to travel and live well. 

Immerse Members having fun together interacting in the digital twin location of the Westin Seattle hotel.