Case Study:
Promoting the game of football in the Metaverse

sponsorship type: custom scene

Reimagining the Rich History of the World Cup

We are thrilled that FIFA has chose our custom scene sponsorship to extend their reach to their target audience in the Immerse virtual world. Immerse Members can now learn about the history of FIFA with their friends in an immersive FIFA World Cup Hall.

Members will also be able to sign up for classes in this sports-themed virtual location to discuss football, talk about athletics, learn about the history of the World Cup, and engage in gamified learning activities. 

FIFA’s mission to globalize, popularize, and democratize football fits all too well into Immerse’s community of learners, adventurers, and globetrotters.

Connecting Around Sports

Our community will now have a popular location to travel to to chat about football and sports along with being able to connect over their favorite international World Cup teams. 

Brand Engagement

From the iconic logo, to the custom 2022 World Cup Trophy, this location will allow metaverse users the opportunity to explore FIFA and World Cup history in a fun and immersive way.

Growing a Global Community

We strive to build a global community that represents and honors each great nation of the world in the same way that FIFA does.