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Go beyond 2D brand marketing

Social media ads can only take you so far - it's time to reimagine how you connect with the next generation of consumers

Innovate without gambling your budget

Enhance your brand awareness and generate revenue-based ROI with a trusted metaverse marketing partner

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Real brands we are helping launch
into the Metaverse

reimagined fast food dining

Flame Broiler

Learn about the mission, values, and family-rooted traditions behind the award-winning Southern CA chain in 3D.

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reimagined sports fan engagement


Experience the rich history of the World Cup in 3D while also leveling up your goal scoring skills!

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Here's how it works:

Hexagon 1

Our teams connect and identify if we are a match made in heaven

Hexagon 2

If so, we create a 3D design that blows your mind

Hexagon 3

We build your 3D location in Immerse's virtual world free of charge

Hexagon 4

We host classes and exploration activities in your 3D space with our global community

Hexagon 5

We send Member-exclusive offer to our community resulting in real-world ROI

Man In a VR set
Earth and Rocket ImageEarth and Rocket Image

Here's how this thing works:

We Dream.

We stack hands on the elements of your brand that you want showcased in our virtual world.

Our Team Builds It.

Regardless of the sponsorship type, we aim to build and launch your immersive brand experience in as little as six weeks.

Your Brand Grows.

Our international community engages with your immersive brand experience every day - and even makes purchases on your exclusive promotional offers via our 3D QR code system.

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A few stats about our Members

Ready to bring your brand into the Metaverse?

Here's how it works:

  • 1. We build your virtual location for free

    Yup, you read that correctly. We charge $0 to get your brand onboarded and integrated into our virtual world, followed by an affordable monthly sponsorship fee. This model lowers your barrier to entry and enhances the value of our world for our community.

  • 2. Our users interact with your brand DAILY

    Our community of adult VR learners growing over 50% month over month is logging into our platform to engage with our virtual world and their fellow peers - and now in your 3D branded space too!

  • 3. We HOST live Events in your 3D branded location

    We have a team of expert facilitators who guide our Members through our virtual locations helping them connect, learn, and grow every day. This allows our members to form deeper levels of relationship in your branded location that they'll remember forever.

  • 4. we help you close real-life sales

    Our members will be able to visit any online retail page of your choosing via a unique affiliate QR code. This will allow our Members to easily make purchases from your brand while continuing to enjoy your brand in our virtual world.

Become a Metaverse marketing pioneer

The metaverse is set to be a $13 trillion market by 2030 and early-adopting brands are seeing better results than 2D ads.

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