Case Study: Fast Casual Dining at Flame Broiler

sponsorship type: custom scene

Reimagining Flame Broiler's Origin SoCal Roots

We are thrilled that the award-winning healthy fast-food chain chose our "Digital Twin" scene sponsorship to extend their reach to their target audience in the Immerse virtual world. Thanks to our custom Flame Broiler scene, Immerse Members can now explore this travel destination while connecting over travel.

Additionally, Members can sign up for classes in this delightful virtual location in which they learn how to order food in a foreign language, cook with Flame Broiler ingredients, and even learn about Flame Broiler's commitment to giving back and serving the local community. 

In phase 2.0, each of these live experiences will culminate with these users getting invited to purchase Flame Broiler digital goods and even ordering their most popular dishes IRL. 


Immerse’s community is now experiencing Flame Broiler’s brand by co-creating healthy and delicious meals, all made with Flame Broiler’s famous ingredients.

Brand Engagement

Metaverse members are immersed in the the sights and sounds of a Southern California beach - an ode to Flame Broiler's rich history and roots of origin.

Fostering Community

Flame Broiler is a family-friendly restaurant and community gathering place. Similarly, this reimagined restaurant invites metaverse members to hang out, socialize, and connect in a new, meaningful way.